Facilities Maintenance and Property Management Solutions

Effectively managing facility maintenance is a burden for every growing company and facility managers face daunting challenges. Reducing costs while increasing efficiency and improving quality of service is paramount.

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About Merchant 360

Trying to manage these elements internally is expensive and exhausts staff!

So how do you manage multiple projects and keep an eye on the bottom line?
Merchant 360 understands that all of our clients have specific needs and we customize their programs to create unique solutions. Our comprehensive approach to facilities maintenance allows us to be flexible. And what a relief to Property Managers!

We provide planned maintenance services, turnkeys, on-demand and long-term maintenance contracts and emergency repairs. Quite simply—we treat each property as if it were our own. In fact, we enhance the life cycle and performance of our clients’ assets.
In turn, costs are lowered and Owners find great relief with the help of Merchant 360.


Merchant 360 really does it all! We take the headache out of ordinary tasks that are often time-consuming and missing spare parts.